xtravu eSense

Techworks is known for engineering innovative display solutions for a wide array of aplications, Driven by our motto "Making Technology Work For You". We have successfully created appropriate solutions for diverse display environments and needs. These include standalone and networked displays.

Techworks now introduces the xtrava Sense, a solution targeted at the retail Indus try, which helps combine physical products with an advanced digital content management. It enhances customer engagement with the targeted product. I also enhances selling efficiency

How It Works

Target products are placed on the xtravu eSense plate, which is connected to a digital signage display, placed in close proximity. When a customer lifts a particular product, detailed information about it is displayed on the screen. This could be text Image De videos. This gives to the customer a detailed insight into the product and enables him or her to take an informed decision.

Research shows that shoppers who touch/itt products are 50% more likely to buy them. xtravu eSense allows the retailer to communicate a consistent message Informa tion about the product to all potential customers.


eSense XE-3 eSense XE-6
Sensor Plate: Corian Finish Corian Finish
Sensor Plate Size LxDxH mm: 560x180x30
Custom size optional
Custom size optional
Products: 3 6
Content Playable: Text, Image, Video Text, Image, Video
Media Player: Embedded Embedded
Sensors: Embedded Embedded
Power Supply 100-240V: 50/60Hz 100-240V: 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 20W Max 25W Max
Operating Conditions:
Temperature 0-40 Degrees 0-40 Degrees
Humidity 80% Non Condensing 80% Non condensing
Display: Optional
24", 32", 40", 48", 55"
24", 32", 40", 48", 55"
External Media Players: Optional
xtravu DSP-R, NC, Ni-3
xtravu DSP-R, NC, Ni-3

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