Vustr Info Kiosks

Do you also wish for a help ing hand which could pull you out of the dilemma caused by excessive competition in market by integrating into your venture a unique edge that will increase profits manifold times?

Techworks has launched its very own range of "Vustr Infokiosks" which are incredible boosters to enhance the scope and charm of your business venture by providing the customer base with the easy access to all necessary and attractive information about your business.

Techworks' Vustr Infokiosk virtually record and provide real-time visual ipfor-mation in a single or multi-screen format. These Info Kiosks are astounding equipped flat-screens operated even by the most delicate touch. It is offered in three different sizes of 18.5", 24" and 32" display size.

Benefits Vustr Infokiosks

  • Real-Time Information; Multilingual
  • Easy To Use With Customisable Interface
  • Provides Targeted Advertising
  • Expands The Footfall At The Site Benefitting Your Business From All Industries Like Healthcare, Education, Telecommunication, Retail & Sales, Etc. Also Encourages Customer Traffic As Well As Lead To A Repetitive & Loyal Customer Base.
  • Touch Interface Optional
  • Printable Coupons, Discounts & Promotions For Vendors & Event


Body Options: Wood, MS
Finish: Teak Polish, Powder Coated MS, Corian
Display Sizes: 18.5", 24" and 32"
Format: Portrait and Landscape
Additional Options: Biometric Sensor, Credit Card Swipe, Thermal Printer, etc
Dimensions: 18.5"-24" - (H) 1450mm (W) 700mm (D) 140mm Landscape
32" - (H) 1215mm (W) 795mm (D) 490mm Landscape
Click to download the Specifications Sheet