Vustr Digital Signage Software

You may spend significantly on the right hardware for your digital signage needs. However, cutting corners in your software can truly affect the quality of your business campaign.

Vustr DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOFTWARE (Vustr DSS) is one of the most popular software applications in the signage industry in India. It comes from a team of experts who have been associated with the digital signage space in India for the past 12 years. Vustr DSS is extremely easy to use software, is known for its reliability and for its ability to seamlessly scale up as the customer needs grow.

Vustr DSS is a cloud based digital signage platform, that helps you easily design content templates, upload and schedule content, from your computer, tablet or a smartphone. Vustr DSS, supports a large selection of file formats, including images, videos, presentations, YouTube content, RSS feeds, social media pages, webpages etc. It supports the 3 most widely used operating systems used in digital signage Windows, Linux and Android.

Techworks supplies xtravu Media Players (Display Controllers), which attached to any display creates the content playback platform. xtra vu Media Players will be shipped pre-configured with the customers' custom settings, and will connect to the internet, and start playback immediately. Vustr DSS can also be used with current smart displays. Your digital signage network can be a single display and can scale up to thousands of displays, as your needs and requirements grow.

Vustr DSS helps you create your custom content layouts in a visual manner. It eliminates "standard only" templates or just full screen playback. Each layout segment can play different content, scheduled differently from all other layout portions.

Based upon requests from customer feedback, Vustr DSS is also available for installations on local private devices.

Vustr DSS

A full function digital signage software, consists of the following modules.

1. CREATOR - For designing of content, ingesting content from eternal sources, template design.

2. MANAGER - For managing content, scheduling and content across the network uploading content to individual digital signage players, monitoring content running on specific displays, health check of digital signage players and displays.

3. LAYER - The module runs on digital signage players local to each networked display

4. CONTENT TEMPLATES - Sample content templates can be offered. More can be made available on charge.

5. SUPPORT - Supports Interface with a range of sensors - motion, proximity, gesture, pressure, load, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC etc.