Digital Standee

When it comes to grasping a lofty customer base in a business which has innumerable competitors, instigation of elements that improve window dressing of your business becomes tremendously important.

Techworks' Vustr Digital Standee comes with a durable metal structure and a stunning powder-coated black body and also a bewitching full-front glass finish which will add an exquisite charm to your site of installation.

The plethora of features inbuilt definitely keep the customers engaged, in this product would while making them believe in the strength and synergies of your business as they gain the insights about it from the high definition screen placed right in front of their eyes.

Worry not, because Vustr after a critical study of markets and post various surveys conducted by the proficient team, Techworks has launched its newest range of of 'Digital Standee' which till date is the best way of Turing higher footfall by providing the customers with an extremely satiating experience.


Structure: Powder Coated MS
Display Sizes: 40", 48" & 55"
Format: Portrait only
Colors: Standard Black, Custom colors possible
Protection: Toughened Glass front
Dimensions: 40" - (H) 1900mm (W) 705mm (D) 130mm Potrait
48" - (H) 1900mm (W) 802mm (D) 130mm Potrait
55" - (H) 1900mm (W) 802mm (D) 130mm Potrait
Backlit Front Bottom(Optional)
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