Digital Easel Stand

Surviving the tough market conditions in this aeon of dynamism and competition has become a tedious job for each entrepreneur and squeezing out maximum returns and recognition from business has become a challenging task. Installation of latest technological appliances is one of the most astounding ways to promote higher footfall and retained customer base by engaging the customers in a mesmerizing visiting experience.

Undoubtedly, the Digital Easel Stand offered by Techworks is an immensely exquisite way of marketing your business as well as its by-products by creating awareness in the public through the path of latest technology and modernization.

Vustr Digital Easel Stands by Techworks is a great marketing and expansion device that is beyond comparison. It is metal-based and looks brilliant as it is powder coated in black, and is extremely durable and heavy easel stand supplemented with exclusive and appealing looks.


  • High definition display
  • Durable and heavy duty stand
  • Multilingual
  • Real time display of information
  • Stylish slim-line design and portability
  • Wifi/LAN enabled
  • Protective glass screen and integral speakers
  • Plug N Play
  • Encourages customer traffic & Loyal customer base
  • Expands footfall


Structure: Powder Coated MS
Display Sizes: 32", 40" & 48"
Format: Portrait and Landscape
Colors: Standard Black, Custom colors possible
Protection: Toughened Glass front
Dimensions: 32" - (H) 1450mm (W) 504mm (D) 120mm Potrait
40" - (H) 1160mm (W) 610mm (D) 120mm Potrait
48" - (H) 1900mm (W) 802mm (D) 130mm Landscape
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