Audio Solutions

Directional audio relers to speakers which con limit the width d a sound beam. Wah directional audio speakers the user can create limited areas with sound and quiet zones in between.

With traditional speakers the most common solution to all problems is often to play fram louder. Humans will not react to sound volume but become numb very quickly to any sound level that maintains the same.

With directional audio the idea is to create changes in the volume levels bound the area. To create a reading in a person's behaviour you need breast an environment where the sound levels vary and surprise the person with volume content and direction A person can focus only to one audio source a time, It is possible with directional audio occupy a person's interest to select audio in a precise position, even make them stop and lurn their head to a desired direction.

World is rarely completely quiet. There is almost always at least some humming or buzzing in the background. This ambient noise has on important role in directional audio, masking the bounce and "improving" the directional effect.

Directional audio speakers compress the audio beam. When it becomes mom now it will travel lurther. A firm directional audio boom will bounce like a ball or echo from all surfaces. The edha la harder from hard surfaces and ser from sof surfaces On the bounce a ocho wit Travel to he Intended quiet zones creating doubt that the speaker does not work However, the problem is often the bounce and not the speaker

Industry Segments Addressed
Airports. Banks; Control Rooms Corporal Video Conferencing Houses of Worship, Home Theaters Museums, Retail.

Directional Audio solutions offered by Techworks are from Panphonics, Finland.

Sometimes our customers have special needs. You may want a company logo printed to the speaker, integrate the speaker inside the klask frame, rectangular, round or even curved speakers to fit perfectly to the overall design or maybe a special color to hide the speaker into an existing ceiling or wall.
Panophonics has several years of experience in working with interior designers, artists, gallery owens and industrial manufacturing to create the most innovative solutions available with directional audio.
Please provide details of your custom neech to Techworks, and we shall work with Panphonics to help provide the best possible fit.
During the over 10 years of business in directional audio, Panphonics has gathered significant knowledge and experience on the most successful installations and integrations globally.
To help you through your directional audio project, Panphonics offers Audio Design Services to Panphonics customers through local distributors and/or partner. So look free to contact Techworks for any audio design services if required.


Compact Series:
Passive speaker- 60x60

Sound Shower Series:
Passive Speakers- 60x20; 60x60
120x20; 180x20

Aa160 Basic; Aa160e